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Words That Start With C For Kids To Improve Vocabulary

Every child is different, and so is the learning ability of each child. It’s vital to teach kids based on their learning abilities and learning speed. Introducing words that start with C to kindergarten, preschool, and nursery kids will teach them the new words and sounds. English words with C can have varied sounds and pronunciations based on its place in the word it the adjacent letter. It creates the /s/ sound in the word ‘city’, and the /k/ sound is in the cat word. Placed along with an H, it commonly creates a CH sound as in Choice or Change. In some cases, especially words adopted from french, it can also create a SH sound as in Chandelier and Chateau.


Parents and teachers must introduce kids to new words every time they get a chance, to expand their vocabulary. Teaching children words beginning with each letter individually also gives them a strong understanding of phonics. Listed below are various kinds of c words for your reference.


List of C Words For Kids

There are two types of sounds in words beginning with C. When the letter C appears in a word before or followed by the letters i, e, and y, then they are known as soft c words. If c is in front or followed by any other letter than these, they are known as hard c words. Let’s look into some of the words that start with C that are easy to grasp for kindergarten kids. Before going into long and complex words with C, start by introducing your kids to some commonly used words. These easy and simple words will help your child to quickly understand and recognise the letter C and the words beginning with C. Below are a few common words with C for fundamental learning.

Cookie Can Cat
Call Car Cloud
Clock clap Cinema
Corn Cow Cake
Clean Come Cold
City Close Candy
Cap Cycle Cash
Collar Coconut Cream
Cheese Circle Castle
Circus Calendar Currency

Words That Start With C For Kindergarten And Preschool Kids

If kindergarten, preschool or nursery kids can differentiate between the pronunciation of soft C and hard C, it’ll make them well-versed in understanding words that start with C. To make it easy for them to differentiate the words on their own, we must guide them to recognise and pronounce these words. Splitting the words letter by letter can help children in quickly grasping a particular word, its sound, and pronunciation. Let us introduce your child to two and three-letter words with C that are small, simple, and easy to teach kids.

2 Letter Words That Start With C


3 Letter Words That Start With C

Cub Cab
Cow Can

C Words For Lower Elementary Kids

For lower elementary kids, teach these four-letter, five-letter, six-letter, and seven-letter c alphabet words to give a strong boost to their basic c words. For the kids up to class 3, these words will give a wider exposure related to c words. These big and slightly complex c words will add more information and details to your little tot knowledge. Honestly, kids are most of the time distracted when unsupervised and lack proper learning skills. To make sure they are engaged and participative; introduce them to new vocabulary activities at regular time intervals which also incorporate discipline to your little one. Given below are some of the four-letter, five-letter, six-letter, and seven-letter c alphabet words for strong vocabulary skills.


4 Letter Words That Start With C

Coat Coin
Cure Comb

5 Letter Words That Start With C

Curry Click
Climb Cloth

6 Letter Words That Start With C

Choice Camera
Comedy Clever

7 Letter Words That Start With C

Costume Ceiling
Citizen Curious

Cool Words That Start With The Letter C For Kids

These cool words starting with c are the words that are used to express amazing and fun things that kids often find interesting. Teach these to your children and make their personalities even more cool and attractive. These words will be relatively in-depth, but your kids are going to love these cool words once they understand their meaning. So, here are some of the twenty cool c alphabet words:

Cosmic Cacophony
Contextual Consortium
Cahoots Cosmetic
Crux Catalyst
Crackerjack Confectionary
Chronology Courtesy
Chromosome Calligraphy
Chivalry Capacious
Chandelier Cowabunga
Crucial Colossal

Positive Words That Start With Letter C For Children

Positive words should definitely be in your kid’s word bank to spread positivity and good vibes everywhere. To teach your little ones some good words starting with c, check out these positive words that start with C that add good personality and behaviour traits to your children’s learning journey. These words, along with creating positive thinking, also create empathy in your kids.

Calm Charity
Courageous Caring
Comforting Considerate
Communicative Creative
Capable Charming
Composed Comdraderie
Classy Confident
Champion Cheerful
Charismatic Congenial
Conscientious Cool

More Words That Start With The Letter C

If you are looking to teach your child the names of common things that start with C, then here are some names of animals, and places that start with C. Check out these words for making your kid’s vocabulary strong and diverse. Try creative ways that your kids find interesting to learn and retain the knowledge. Make them say out loud the words, write them down, pronounce them, and repeat them after you. This method guarantees their learning to be effective.

Names Of Things That Start With C

Cell Computer
Cotton Cake
Corset Chimney
Camper Cachet
Cape Cage
Crust Coral
Carpet Centrepiece

Names Of Animal That Start With C

Cheetah Cobra
Chicken Chipmunk

Names Of Places That Start With C

California Cambodia
Calcutta China

Activities That Will Help Your Child Learn Words With C

1. Let’s Make Cookies

Get your kids involved in engaging and participative activities to learn the letter C like making different types of cookies. Ask kids to bring a big cookie jar and then label it. Later, make cookies using cardboard cut-outs and write words with the letter C on every cookie. Pass on the jar to the kids and ask them to pick one cardboard cookie out of the jar and read aloud the word.


2. Colouring And Connecting

Make them recognise and colour the objects that start with C. You can get your child some engaging worksheets and activity books for this exercise.

3. Flashcards And Charts

An easy and quick way to make your kids revise their lessons is through flashcards and charts. Hang a few visually appealing charts with both images and words with the letter C for effective learning.


4. Making A Cat-On-A-Cup

Ask your kid to paste stickers of googly eyes and pipe cleaners on a disposable cup along with small cut-outs of triangles as ears, and voila! The cat is ready.

Kids will not enjoy learning in a monotonous and boring environment. Fun and interactive learning sessions are the best way to introduce them to quality education. These engaging and participative sessions ensure that your kid learns genuinely and effectively. Take this step in your kid’s learning journey with words that start with C. Likewise, gradually introduce all the alphabet letters to make their vocabulary good and strong. Having a strong vocabulary will help your child in all areas related to communication, such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking.


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