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Words That Start With Ch For Kids To Improve Vocabulary

To be proficient in reading, writing, and communicating, kids need a good vocabulary. To build a good vocabulary, learn new words and their spellings, they must learn the concept of digraphs such as the sound of C combined with H. Consonant digraphs are words with two or more consonants making one sound. In English, words with Ch are one of the most common digraph words. Young children may get confused between words starting with Ch and Sh as some of them have a similar sound. So, to help them differentiate between the two, they need to learn to recognise the phonics and pronunciation of the words. An expansive vocabulary with spelling knowledge will help them in their studies and build their language skills. Here we have a list of words beginning with ch suitable for kids to develop their vocabulary.

List Of Words That Start With Ch For Kids

Your child will improve their English vocabulary skills as they learn to read and write words beginning with Ch. You can start by teaching them easy words with Ch at first. Here are some commonly used words starting with Ch for kids:

Chat Chad Chant
Chief Cheat China
Chug Chick Chart
Chilli Chalk Child
Chain Chair Cherry
Church Change Chips
Childhood Chaperone Cheaper
Chocolate Chauffeur Chopper
Challenge Chemistry Chariot
Character Chopstick Cheerleader
Checklist Christmas Chandelier

Words That Start With Ch For Preschool And Kindergarten Kids

Preschool and kindergarten students should know several words, as they are required to read and write simple sentences. Learning short words with Ch will help them become fluent in reading and writing. Here are some 3 and 4-letter words with Ch for kindergarten and preschool kids:

3 Letter Words That Start With Ch

Some 3-letter words that start with Ch for Pre-schoolers and kindergarten kids:

Cha Chi

4 Letter Words That Start With Ch

Some 4-letter words that start with Ch for Pre-schoolers and kindergarten kids:

Chip Chat
Char Chow
Chit Chop
Chin Chic
Chef Chew
Chap Chia

Words That Start With Ch For Lower Elementary Kids

As kids reach grade 1 or 2, they have learned to read simple books and poems. They can now read 3 and 4-letter words and use them efficiently. Now it’s time for them to learn longer words to expand their vocabulary. Here are lists of five, six, seven, and eight letters words with Ch for lower elementary kids:

5 Letter Words That Start With Ch

Some 5-letter words that start with Ch for Lower elementary kids:

Chill Chasm Chops
Churn Chemo Chute
Chive Chest Chess
Chief Chase Chord
Chuck Chaos Chunk
Check Chewy Champ
Chirp Charm Cheat
Chose Cheek Choke
Cheap Cheer Chore
Chime Choir Chimp

6 Letter Words That Start With Ch

Some 6-letter words that start with Ch for Lower elementary kids:

Choppy Chatty Choker
Choice Cheesy Chummy
Charge Chorus Cherub
Chance Chilly Chintz
Chased Chunky Chides
Choose Cheery Chimed
Cheese Chubby Chains
Chapel Cheeky Chucks
Chosen Cheers Chalet
Chisel Chaste Checks
Cheque Choosy Chiefs

7 Letter Words That Start With Ch

Some 7-letter words that start with Ch for Lower elementary kids:

Chapter Chemist Chicken
Chamber Charger Chalice
Charter Checkup Cherish
Charity Chowder Chiefly
Chatter Channel Chuckle
Chimney Cheerio Charade

8 Letter Words That Start With Ch

Some 8-letter words that start with Ch for Lower elementary kids:

Chitchat Checkout Cherries
Charcoal Children Chestnut
Chemical Champion Chairman
Chickpea Cheerful Chloride

Animals That Start With Ch For Kids

Besides knowing commonly used words, young students should also know the names of animals that start with Ch. Knowing the names of animals starting with Ch will enhance their linguistic skills and boost their confidence. Here are some animal names that start with Ch for kids:

Chameleon Cheetah
Chicken Chimpanzee
Chipmunk Chinchilla

Tips That Will Help Your Child Learn Words That Start With Ch

Young kids may struggle with learning words beginning with Ch or framing sentences with these words. Engaging children in activities is the best way to teach young students. Here are some tips and activities that will help your child to learn Ch words:

1. Phonics

Teach your child about phonics to understand how to read, spell and write words starting with Ch. When your child learns different sound, they will be able to easily break down the words to read or spell them. You can initially begin by teaching simple words with Ch that they come across in their daily lives, such as cheese, chalk, chart, etc. Once your kid has mastered these words, you can progress to a few difficult words starting with Ch.

2. Picture Cards

Visual aids help the kids connect words with images, which allows them to learn new words faster. You can print out pictures of words starting with Ch. Then, as you teach your kid new words, show them the picture image of the word. This will help them in memorise and understand what the word means. Eg. you can teach your kid the word “chain” by showing them a picture of chains. This way, when they hear the word chain, a picture of the chain will be formed in their mind, and they can relate the word with the corresponding object.

3. Matching Games

Kids love playing games. They are an excellent tool to teach new things to kids. As kids are engaged in games, they don’t even realise they are learning through playing. Matching games are one such game through which children can learn new words with Ch. To play this matching game, you need two sets of cards—one for words starting with Ch and one of the pictures of those words. Eg. your word cards could be of words such as cherry, children, chocolate, church, and chair, and the image cards will have corresponding pictures of these words. Now lay down both sets of cards separately. Ask your kid to match the words with the picture cards or picture cards with word cards.

4. Reading

Reading helps kids learn new words and improve their language skills. Through this wonderful tool, your kid will learn to focus too. You can read aloud with your child stories that have lots of new words. The stories could be about chicken, cheese, and other things with Ch. When your kid is comfortably reading the stories by themselves, you can ask them to circle the words with Ch. This way, they will learn these new words easily and improve their pronunciation too.

5. Picture Guessing Game

You kid will love this fun game. Hand some picture cards of words starting with Ch to your kid. Now your kid has to say aloud the name of the object in the picture. If the child guesses right, praise them and make them repeat the word. Preschoolers can say the word aloud, and lower primary kids can try to spell the word or write it down.

6. Sentence-Making Activity

To improve your kid’s sentence-forming ability, engage them in this sentence-making activity. If they can write, give them a sheet of paper to write sentences with words starting with Ch. Young kids can verbally make sentences. Initially, you may have to assist your kid in making sentences. However, after a few times, your kid can make sentences themselves.

7. List Of Word With Ch

You can paste a list of words with Ch on a wall or board. Now with your kid, read aloud these words and ask them to repeat the words. Kids love repeating words and, therefore, will enjoy this activity. Through this, you can teach the correct phonics of Ch words, and the kid will improve their vocabulary.

8. Word Puzzles

Sometimes your kid may not want to sit and learn Ch words through lessons. For them, you can engage them in interesting activities through which they will learn easily. You can play crossword puzzles with them or some Ch word search puzzles.

9. Tongue Twister Game

This game is ideal for small groups of kids. Kids will love playing this tongue twister game. First, you can give a tongue twister to all the kids. You can either print it on a chart paper or write it down on a board. For example, you can use this tongue twister –
“Charles and Chelsea
Chewed cheese
And chewed chocolate.”
Then read the tongue twister clearly to the kids. The kids have to speak aloud the tongue twister one by one. The child who recites the tongue twister clearly without pausing wins the game. In this game, the children will learn the Ch words in a fun way.

Teaching words starting with Ch helps your kid boost their vocabulary and help them fluently read and write. Learning these Ch words will also help them understand the phonics of other digraph words quickly.



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