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Let’s Learn Words That Start With P for Kids To Improve Vocabulary

A young student must learn various words with every letter of the alphabet. Remembering new words and building an incredible vocabulary make children confident in their language and communication skills.

P is a consonant that can form many words when paired up with the others. Kids commonly use words like pen, pencil, paper and parents in their day-to-day life. They are familiar with these words and their meanings. When we ask children to observe the sound of these words, and teach them their spellings, they will be able to relate to them well.  After this, you can teach them other words that start with P to expand their vocabulary.

Here you will find a long list of words beginning with the alphabet P. The terms are segregated into various categories to make studying an organised and fun process. If you proceed step-by-step, like starting with two and three-letter words and gradually moving to four, five, six and seven-letter words, the child will learn fast and more efficiently.

List Of Words Beginning With P For Kids

Below is a list of words beginning with P for you to teach your child from such a huge vocabulary of words. xt. You may come across many words starting with P that are either too difficult for children to learn, confusing because of blended sounds or silent letters, or not relevant for children to learn at an early stage. We can teach kids these words a bit later. Let’s start with some simple words that start with P and are very easy to learn for kindergarten to fifth graders.

Pan Pant Paint
Palm Paper Parrot
Peacock Pear Pencil
Pen Penguin Pest
Pet Petrol Pick
Pig Pigeon Pin
Play  Post Pot
Pull Pumpkin Puppy

Words That Start With P For kindergarten Or Preschool Kids

Remember not to bombard the child with all sorts of words from the beginning of their learning journey. Start with simple and easy words to invoke interest in them. For instance, two and three-letter words are a good place to start learning new words and spellings to understand consonant P. To build a strong vocab of words for kindergarten, the child needs to understand every syllable and intonation of the word and so starting with smaller words helps.

2 Letter Words That Start With P

Pa Pi

3 Letter Words That Start With P

Pad Pan
Peg Pen
Pet Pin
Pit Pod
Pop Pot
Pup Put

Words That Start With P For Lower Elementary Kids

Younger kids tend to avoid anything that seems difficult for them. While teaching them new words, you might have to deal with this. Starting with smaller words with two or three letters and then gradually making the child learn four, five-letter words will aid the process. This section is divided into words for lower elementary kids according to the number of letters so that you can teach the kid seamlessly.

4 Letter Words That Start With P

Park Part
Play Pond
Pony Pray

5 Letter Words That Start With P

Party Pilot
Place Plant
Plate Power

6 Letter Words That Start With P

People Period
Picnic Police
Powder Public

7 Letter Words That Start With P

Pacific Packing
Parking Picture
Pretend Problem

Cool Words That Start With The Letter P For Kids

Kids love anything that can bring a smile to them. They love ‘cool’ things from food and dress to playthings. The consonant P can form a myriad of delightful words. Why not make their studies interesting by teaching them names and spellings of some cool stuff! Here is a collection of cool words that start with P for children to learn:

Pagoda Palindrome Palomino
Panache Pandemonium Pantaloons
Papyrus Pristine Prodigy
Parapet Paraphernalia Paragon
Prolific Party Pinnacle
Placid Plethora Pogo

Positive Words That Start With Letter P For Children

Invoking a positive approach toward life is the primary lesson you can teach a child. A positive attitude starts with positive words like please, peace and patience. Positive terms calm a person down and drive him toward the right goals. Learning these variations of positive words with p will contribute largely to forming a worthy vocabulary.

Patience Perfect
Please Pleasant
Positive Possible
Potential Prodigy
Praiseworthy Prayer
Precious Pretty

More Words That Start With The Letter P

Learning nouns is preliminary to language education. Pre-schoolers start learning the names of different things, animals, vegetables, fruits or flowers. At the early stage of teaching them p words, we can teach them names that start with p. Nouns make an easy passage to kids’ memory and teaching them names of objects that start with p will show better learning results.

Things That Start With P

Page Pan
Piano Pillow

Animals That Start With P

Panda Panther
Penguin Pigeon

Places That Start With P

Poland Pondicherry
Portugal Punjab

Names Of Foods That Starts With P

Paprika Peach
Pie Pizza

Colours That Start With P

Pink Peach
Plum Purple

Verbs That Start With P

Paint Participate
Pick Play

Activities That Will Help Your Child Learn Words With The Letter P

Teaching can be considered successful only when the student can retain the lesson; otherwise, everything goes in vain. For developing a permanent image in the children’s minds of words beginning with p, no method can be as effective as a hands-on activity. It has been found that real experiences make a better impression on kids than virtual or imaginary concepts. Instead of just telling children the words, it is better to show them the object. Engage your child in the activities below and observe how they productively get into the learning process.

1. Play word games

Word games are the best way to learn new words while the child is having fun. Play with the theme of words starting with P exclusively. Pictionary and Scrabble are amazing word games suitable for children that prove to be excellent tools to learn words and increase vocabulary. Word games help children learn and remember different words without much effort.

2. Colouring

Colouring is the most enjoyable activity for children. They would love to draw and colour anything under the sun. Ask your child to write the letter P on a big sheet of paper and fill it with colour. Ask them to draw a few objects around them that start with P. This is the easiest learning-based activity, for which you don’t even need to shell out a big amount. Just grab the drawing and colouring supplies that your child already has, and get started on some fun drawings such as animals, flowers, fruits, or anything that starts with P and make the child colour it. Fun tip: Hang these drawings in your child’s room or study table. This will make them feel proud of their work, and they will be able to learn and memorise it more easily.

3. Make a pizza

Most kids love pizzas, and they will be excited to learn its spelling and observe that it starts with the letter P. Cooking is an activity in which you can involve your child easily. You need to get the ingredients and let your child get creative with them. Pizza, pie or pancakes, you can cook anything with your child. You can also gather some kids and arrange a small snack party with a menu of all food items that start with the letter p. Make sure your child observes that all these dishes are spelt with a P, and let them notice their specific pronunciations.

4. Everyday conversations

You can teach your kids through daily conversations without even making it look like studies. It is just the way you talk to your child about anything. Only make sure to engage with words starting with p. For example, words like play, please, pan, pen, pencil, paint and others are part of our daily lives. Talk with them about these things or use common sentences like “Give me a pen”, “Can you help me, please”, or “Sharpen your pencil”. Noticing the words that start with P in everyday conversation will naturally make the young learners memorise them without making any effort.

Any learning, including grasping new words for a strong vocabulary, cannot be done in one go, and it requires time, effort and patience. A well-structured teaching technique can ease up the process. While teaching words beginning with P to elementary-level students, following the structure given above will quicken the pace and lead to learning with a strong foundation.

Shraddha Mishra
Writer, journalist and content creator, she has worked across several publications. She takes a keen interest in travel, food and culture. A new mother, she loves talking about her parenting journey and watching her toddler play, learn and grow. When not working, you will find her watching a movie or web series, or reading a novel, chasing a good story everywhere.


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