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Essay On Hardwork – 10 Lines, Short and Long Essay For Kids

Children are taught from the beginning that hard work is key to success. But many people get lured by shortcuts or depend on luck for achieving success. However, blind reliance on luck without hard work is futile. Thus hard work is a crucial value that every child should learn. Therefore, teachers and parents ask children to write an essay on hard work for classes 1, 2 and 3 kids. Kids from a very early age should understand the importance of hard work, and essay writing is a very effective method to teach this to kids. While learning these important values, essay writing also helps a kid learn small and simple sentence construction and enhances vocabulary.

Key Points to Remember When Writing An Essay On Hard Work For Lower Primary Classes

To make kids understand the importance of hard work, teachers ask them to write an essay about hard work. Below are key points to remember when writing an essay on hard work for lower primary classes.

  • Ask kids to write an introduction by explaining the concept of hard work.
  • Make them create an essay outline covering all critical points, including importance, benefits, etc., in the body of the essay.
  • The conclusion should showcase their vision on the topic and how they will value this virtue in their lives.

10 Lines On Hard Work For Kids

Essay writing for lower primary kids can be challenging; therefore, teachers and parents initially ask kids to write a few lines on various topics. Below is an essay in 10 lines to guide kids to write an essay for classes 1 & 2 on the subject of hard work.

  1. Success without hard work is not possible.
  2. Hard work is a great deal of effort to achieve something in life.
  3. Hard work generally includes physical and emotional labour to fulfil a task.
  4. Hard work is the name of constant trying until the goal is achieved.
  5. Everyone respects a hard-working individual.
  6. Hard work brings vision, depth, and dimensions to our work.
  7. It requires focus, dedication, and continuity to reach our dreams, and they all come with hard work.
  8. A lazy person has excuses, but hard-working people always look for solutions to all obstacles.
  9. A hard-working person understands time management well.
  10. Hard work can be tiring but full of satisfaction in the end.

A Paragraph On Hard Work For Children

Kids of lower primary classes face problems in sentence construction. Therefore, teachers and parents start by giving small paragraphs to make them learn to draft simple sentences on evergreen topics like hard work. Given below is a short paragraph on hard work for kids for your reference.

My grandfather says, if you want to achieve something in life, you need to fix a goal and work hard towards it. Hard work is the only road toward success. One should not wait for things to happen because things happen when you try for them. He told me if I work hard in life, I can do great things, and people around me will respect me. For instance, I can score well in my studies if I work hard. His words have motivated me to work hard toward my dreams. Now, I understand the value of hard work and will always live by this virtue.

Short Essay On Hard Work In English For Kids

Teachers and parents should make kids understand the value of hard work from an early age, and making kids of classes 1, 2 & 3 write a short essay on the topic of hard work can help them achieve the same. Given below is a short essay on hard work for your reference.

No one can question the value of hard work in one’s life. If we see the life of successful people, the most common thing we will find is their hard work toward their ambition. Hard work can be defined as an effort and endurance shown to achieve a particular goal, purpose, or dream in life. Any objective or passion in an individual’s life needs inspiration, motivation, discipline, and dedication. These are the guiding forces behind focused hard work. I have decided to become an army officer, and I have understood that I need to do a lot of hard work to achieve my dream in life. My father once told me that luck only favours those who work hard in life, and hard work may change fate sometimes. I will give my 100 per cent in life, and failures cannot pull me down as I now understand that hard work is the key to success.

Essay On The Importance Of Hard Work For Children

Hard work is crucial for achieving anything in life; kids need to understand this fact early. Below is a long essay for the kids and parents looking forward to writing an essay for class 3 on the topic of hard work.

My parents often ask me to work hard to do better in life. But, I couldn’t understand the gravity of this virtue until I heard my teacher explaining its importance once in class. She told us nothing could be achieved without putting the right amount of hard work into it. You can’t do maths until you practice your calculations and equations. You cannot learn singing or dancing until you repetitively perform the rhythm and moves. She gave many examples. She also took names of many great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Edison, and Narendra Modi to emphasise the importance of hard work. Her words of wisdom were great to hear. She made us understand:

What Is Hard Work?

Hard work, in simple words, is what you do and how you do to achieve your goal. It is a process of doing regular, habitual, and diligent work/ practice to complete/master a task or achieve an aim. It sometimes involves a person’s physical and emotional involvement to reach a destination/dream/goal, etc. Like a student must study hard to do well in studies.

Significance Of Hard Work

Hard work is essential to do anything in life, and it teaches us discipline, time management, dedication and determination. It is known that any ambition needs planning, devotion, focus, and hard work. Sometimes, failures bog us down on the road of hard work, but persistent hard work provides us with the experience and power to overcome any obstacle. We become more knowledgeable and confident with time, and success comes.

Hard Work Leads To Success

Have you heard an idle and lazy person become the CEO of a company? Maybe in movies or dramas but in real life, hard work is the reason behind a person’s success. See Mark Zuckerburg, founder of Facebook. When he thought of Facebook, he was a student and worked hard to achieve his dream. He is so successful. Without a doubt, hard work is the key to success. When we work hard, positive results come, giving us happiness and a sense of satisfaction.

What Will Your Child Learn From An Essay On Hard Work?

The most crucial thing your child will learn from the article on hard work is its importance in life. An essay on the values of hard work provides them with a clear perspective of this most needed virtue.


1. Why It Is Important for Students to Know about Hard Work?

Student life is very crucial for an individual to have a stable future. If they learn the importance of hard work, they can achieve anything with ease in life and be successful.

2. How Does Hard Work Relate To Success?

If a person doesn’t work hard towards his goal or ambition, they cannot achieve success in their life. If a student does not study, they will lag in the journey of knowledge. Similarly, every profession needs hard work and determination to succeed.

Hard work is the only way to achieve any ambition or goal in life, and kids must imbibe this crucial virtue to have a successful and content life.

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