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I’m a Little Teapot Nursery Rhyme For Kids

Whether it’s songs or rhymes, children love dancing to them! It’s understood why the I’m a Little Teapot song is so popular with children. It is one of the most widely sung English nursery rhymes and was written for students to master the “Waltz Clog” tap dance routine. Children can dance to the rhyme as they enact a teapot. The rhyme talks about the heating and pouring of a teapot. The song was recorded and published in 1941 by Bluebird Records.     

I’m a Little Teapot Lyrics in English

The lyrics of I’m a Little Teapot poem are below: 

I’m a little teapot 
Short and stout 
Here is my handle 
Here is my spout 

When I get all steamed up 
Hear me shout 
“Tip me over 
and pour me out!” 

I’m a clever teapot, 
Yes it’s true 
Here let me show you 
What I can do

I can change my handle 
And my spout 
Just tip me over
pour me out!  

I’m a little teapot nursery rhyme

What Will Your Child Learn from I’m a Little Teapot

Your child can learn how teapots function and how heat causes the teapot to make a whistling sound. You can also teach them the dance which accompanies the song and have a blast! You can also introduce them to dancing by starting off with this rhyme.   

Theme Of I’m A Little Teapot

The rhyme is narrated from a teapot’s point of view. The teapot is calling out and telling the reader that it is short and stout. It then shows where its handle and spout are. When the teapot gets steamed up, it shouts, asking for the contents to be tipped over and poured out. Then the teapot calls itself clever and shows that it can change its handle and spout. The rhyme doesn’t have much of a theme; it is pretty straightforward and talks about a teapot as if it were a human.   

Rhyming Scheme Of I’m A Little Teapot

The rhyming scheme of each paragraph is: 
Para 1: ABCB 
Para 2: ABCB 
Para 3: ABBB
Para 3: ABCB

Words that Your Child Will Learn from I’m a Little Teapot

The words your child can learn are: 
Adjectives: Little, short, stout, steamed, and clever 
Nouns: Teapot, handle, and spout 
Verb: Hear, tip, and pour 
Preposition: over   

Suggested Activity

  1. You and your child can dance as you recite the rhyme.

Here are the steps: 
Here is my handle 
(One hand on your hip) 
Here is my spout 
(Your other arm out straight) 

and pour me out!” 
(Lean over towards spout)  

 And my spout 
(Switch your arm positions) 
Just tip me over and pour me out! 
(Lean over towards spout)  

2.  If you have a white teapot or can buy one, allow your child to paint the teapot with acrylic colours as they sing the rhyme. Show them the different teapot parts and describe what is happening in the rhyme as they paint!   


1. When can I teach my child the I’m a Little Teapot song?

You can teach your little one the song anytime you find suitable! There’s no age to learn. Even if you have a 1-year-old, you can still sing the rhyme to them.

2. Why is the I’m a Little Teapot song so popular?

Adults may not find the rhyme appealing, but little ones love it as it is easy to sing along with and comes with steps!

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