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Two Little Dickie Birds Nursery Rhyme For Kids

Birds are one of the only creatures that possess the ability to fly. Being able to fly makes them so special and attractive to our little ones. Whenever they see a bird flying by, their faces just light up! Writers noted this and started writing rhymes and songs with birds and other imaginary flying creatures like unicorns. The Two Little Dickie Birds song is among many English nursery rhymes popular worldwide. The rhyme dates back to the 18th century and is a song which accompanies a finger game. The names of the birds used to be Jack and Gill instead of Peter and Paul.   

Two Little Dickie Birds Lyrics in English 

The lyrics of the Two Little Dickie Birds poem are below:   

Two little dickie birds,
Sitting on a wall; 

One named Peter, 
One named Paul. 
Fly away Peter! 
Fly away Paul! 
Come Back Peter! 
Come Back Paul!  

Two Little Dickie Birds Nursery Rhyme1

What Will Your Child Learn from Two Little Dickie Birds 

You can teach your little one more about birds. As the poem talks about birds, it is the perfect way to tell your children more about birds and to feed their curiosity. You can show them birds from your window or garden and have your child note their behaviours. You can also teach your little one a bird’s lifecycle right from when they are eggs till the birds themselves lay eggs. This will be the perfect introduction to life cycles for your child. If your child shows interest, you can continue teaching them the life cycles of more animals.  

Theme Of Two Little Dickie Birds  

The theme of Two Little Dickie Birds is simply birds. In the poem, we see two dickie birds named Peter and Paul. The dickie birds are sitting on a wall. One’s name is Peter, and the other’s name is Paul. The narrator then asks Paul and Peter to fly away. Once they fly away, the narrator then asks them to come back.   

Rhyming Scheme Of Two Little Dickie Birds  

The rhyming scheme of the poem is ABABABA.  
The pattern features a repetition of Paul and Peter, alternatively at the end of every sentence.   

Words that Your Child Will Learn from Two Little Dickie Birds

Nouns: bird, wall
Verbs: sitting, fly, come
Numbers: one, two 

Suggested Activity

  1. You can get bird puppets for your child and yourself. One of you can be Paul, and the other can be Peter. You can use the puppets to act out the poem as you both recite it. This will be excellent visual and mental stimulation for your child and help them connect to things better. You both will have a fantastic time learning and enjoying yourself together!   
  2. For a fun outing, you can take your child to an aviary or take him bird watching at a nearby hill. Watching and spotting birds will surely excite you and your child!   


1. When can I teach my child Two Little Dickie Birds?

The rhyme Two Little Dickie Birds is a very simple and easy-to-learn rhyme. You can teach it to your child anytime!

2. How do I get my child interested in reciting rhymes?

Good habits are formed over time. You must take it slow and let your child know that reciting rhymes is a must and not an option. However, you can surely give them the option of choosing what rhyme they wish to recite. Make it fun and interesting in a way that excites your child too. Above all, be patient and work as a team!

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