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How To Write An Essay On My Grandmother For Classes 1, 2 and 3

There is something strikingly comforting about the word grandmother for all of us; that caring and nurturing woman in our lives because of whom we had a wonderful childhood. Most children have the privilege of knowing their grandparents. While some kids are raised in joint families, some only see them during holidays. But in both cases, they are bound to have a special bond with their grandmothers. Expressing this bond in an essay on ‘My Grandmother’ is thus likely to be an easy and joyous experience for some kids, but some might need guidance. In this article, we will help your child with some helpful ideas and tips to write short and long essays on the topic. Let’s begin with the key points!

Key Points to Remember When Writing an Essay on ‘My Grandmother’

Most schools are likely to ask their first, second, and third graders to write an essay on ‘My Grandmother’. Check out these pointers on how to approach the topic:

  • For short, one-line essays on ‘My Grandmother’, write one-line facts about your grandmother, her role in the family, and the bond you share with her.
  • When writing short paragraph essays, talk about why your grandmother is special and all the fun activities you engage with her.
  • For longer essays on your grandmother, you can add more details about her life, such as her past in the family and some of her qualities. Continue with how she is important to your family and end with how she is a role model for everyone.

10-Sentence Essay on ‘My Grandmother’

It is always a fun activity for first and second graders to write about their grandmothers, but writing an essay needs them to organise their thoughts before penning them down. Here are a few ideas to write a short 10-line essay on the topic:

  1. My grandmother is the sweetest, most caring person in the world.
  2. She has taken care of all of us since we were babies.
  3. My grandmother knows all of my favourite food, favourite toys, and TV shows.
  4. She is also an amazing cook. She prepares delicious meals every day.
  5. Granny is seventy-five years old and has beautiful white hair.
  6. My grandmother is the head of our family, and everybody listens to her because she has a lot of wisdom.
  7. She loves watching TV and play with me during the evenings. We also go for walks every day in the neighbourhood.
  8. Granny is a strong but kindhearted woman who wishes good things for everyone.
  9. She takes care of me when I’m unwell, and knows all the right foods to make me feel better and strong.
  10. My grandmother is also my best friend. I love her very much.

Short Essay on ‘My Grandmother’ for Children

Kids can never run out of things to say about their grandmother. Here is a short essay to learn how to put your ideas together:

My grandmother is seventy years old. She is a very kind woman who has raised all of us since we were babies. My grandmother is the head of the house, and everybody respects her. She is the first person to wake me up every morning, and every night she tucks me in bed and reads me a bedtime story. In the mornings, she helps me get ready for school by helping me arrange my school bag in order and packing my lunch. She is also the person who helps me study in the evenings before sitting with me to watch cartoons.

My grandmother is a strong and pious woman. She says her beliefs give her strength. After sending me to school, she goes about her day helping my mother in the kitchen and maintaining the house. My grandmother is also an amazing cook. She knows old recipes for food that are delicious. My friends love to eat any dish that’s prepared by my grandmother. Every evening, she helps me change after I return from school. After her tea, we go for a walk in the colony and return home for snacks and homework. It is difficult for all of us to imagine our lives with her. She is the string that holds us together. I love her very much.

Long Paragraph on ‘My Grandmother’ for Kids

Children in class 3 can usually write longer essays by properly expressing themselves in written language. Here’s an example of how you can write an essay on the topic:

My grandmother is the most important person in our family. She is seventy years old and very healthy for her age. She inspires us to live a healthy lifestyle. She goes for a walk in the morning and evening to maintain remain fit. She eats healthy foods and rests when she feels the need. Her philosophy is that health is the greatest wealth. If one has health, everything else is achievable.

My grandmother is the head of our family. She raised my father under tough conditions to become a responsible person who is dependable and admired by all. My grandmother raised me too since I was a baby. She is an educated woman who served the government until she retired at 60 to spend time with us. Although she is strict about things sometimes, she is a kindhearted woman who wishes the best for everyone. My grandmother is a tough woman who is respected in our family and community. My grandfather always says that he is lucky to have her in his life as she is an inspiration for him.

My grandmother is a very calm and composed woman. She has a good judgment about the world. She never loses her temper. She has a very smart way of approaching challenges and often advises everyone in the family during tough times. Although she comes from an older generation, she tries to keep up with everything new. She can operate her smartphone without needing too much help as she is educated and can find her way. Whenever she needs help, she doesn’t mind asking for assistance from other people.

We feel lucky to have our grandmother in the family as she is the pillar of moral support for everyone. She keeps the family together and well in order. I wish to be just like my grandmother and respected in society when I grow up.

What Your 1st, 2nd or 3rd Grader Will Learn From The Essay?

By writing an essay on ‘My Grandma’, children will learn the importance of grandparents and their role in their lives. Essay writing helps lay the foundation for expression through writing, and children will learn how to observe, recollect, and articulate their thoughts about their grandmothers. By being prepared for the topic, your child will easily write good essays in tests and exams.

To write a good essay, encourage your child to stick to the facts and elaborate upon how their grandma is important in everyone’s life. While most of the points to write about will come from your child’s own experience and observation, reading these short essays will help them explore more ideas and be prepared for their next essay writing assignment.

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