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People Who Help Us – Introducing Community Helpers To Preschoolers

Has your child ever asked why we need to go to the doctor when we are sick or why we buy vegetables from the vendor? If you also have learning enthusiasts at home who are curious to know the answer to every possible question, then this article is for you and your little one.

In this article, we have covered information about community helpers, why it is important to teach about people who help us to preschoolers and some easy and fun activities to learn the same. Without any further delay, let’s get started!

Importance Of Teaching Kids About People Who Help Us

We live in a community, and there are a lot of people who make our lives easy by helping us in our day-to-day lives. Some of these people also help us in emergencies, like when we are sick or when a fire breaks out. Therefore, children must know which person can help them in which situation. Let’s look at some more reasons why we should teach our children about people who help us.

  • It will help children to make a connection between themselves and the outside world.
  • It will introduce the children to different professions.
  • It will introduce the kids to new vocabulary and enhance their language skills.
  • It will ensure the children that we live in a safe society where people are available and qualified to help us live better lives.

Who Are The People Who Help Us?

Now that you and your child understand the importance of learning about people who help us, it’s time to introduce our little ones to those people’s names. There are so many different people who help us in our daily life or in case of an emergency. Teaching your child about these people will help them become more aware of the people around them. Let’s look at the list of people who help us:

1. Policeman

How they help us: Policemen make sure that their area is free from crime and ensure the safety of people. They make sure to catch criminals and help the citizens when required.

2. Doctor

How they help us: Doctors help us by treating us when we are sick. A doctor also performs surgery in case of acute need and makes sure that their patients are treated well and recover from illness.

3. Nurse

How they help us: The nurse helps the doctor when they are treating the patients. The nurses sometimes also help us with medicines, etc.

4. Firefighter

How they help us: Firefighters prevent the fire from spreading and put it down. They risk their own lives to make sure others are safe.

5. Postman

How they help us: A postman collects important documents, letters, money orders, etc., from the post office and delivers them to us.

6. Librarian

How they help us: We can find a librarian in a library. A librarian helps us to find and take out books in the library and is in charge of keeping a record of all the books present in the library.

7. Teacher

How they help us: A teacher helps us to read and learn. They also teach important life and moral lessons to us.

8. Traffic Cop

How they help us: A traffic cop helps control the traffic and ensures that the vehicles run smoothly on the road. A traffic cop plays a big role when the traffic light is broken as they direct us where and when to move.

9. Vet

How they help us: Vets are medical specialities concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, control, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases affecting the health of our pets and other animals. When our pets our sick, we take them to a vet to get them treated.

10. Vegetable Seller

How they help us: A vegetable seller sells fresh vegetables to cook and eat.

11. Fisherman

How do they help us: A fisherman spends hours catching fish and selling them to us.

12. Carpenter

How they help us: A carpenter works with wood to create beautiful furniture for us.

13. Tailor

How they help us: A tailor helps us by stitching our clothes and making beautiful and attractive garments out of them.

14. Paramedics

How they help us: Paramedics are the ones who pick us up in an ambulance and take us to the hospital when there is an accident or when one is very sick.

15. Pilot

How they help us: A pilot files an aircraft or an aeroplane to transport people, private goods, military, commercial products, etc., from one state or country to another.

16. Defence Services

How they help us: People in defence services help guard the hinterland, supporting the armed forces, mobilising the citizens and helps civil administration.

Simple Questions To Help Kids Revise People Who Help Us

After introducing your kids to people who help us, now it’s time to quiz them and see how much they remember. Let’s look at some questions about people who help us for kindergarten kids:

1. We can find them in the library. They help us find the books. Who are they?


2. They catch the criminals and help to keep the citizens safe. Who are they?


3. They take us from one place to another in an aeroplane. Who are they?


4. They make sure to bring fresh vegetables to us. Who are they?

Vegetable seller

5. They deliver letters from our dear ones. Who are they?


6. They stitch beautiful clothes for us to wear. Who are they?


7. If we want a beautiful sofa, we contact them to make it for us. Who are they?


8. If your dog is sick, who will treat them?


9. You are stuck in a traffic jam, and traffic lights are not working. There is a person in uniform who is helping to clear the traffic. Who is that person?

Traffic Cop

Interesting Facts About People Who Help Us For Kids

Let’s read some interesting facts about the people who help us.

  1. British police officers carry teddy bears in their cars to comfort kids who have been in an accident or are upset after something has happened.
  2. Way before the invention of the horse-drawn fire engine, ‘bucket brigades’ were used to control fires. In this system, people used to pass water in buckets down the line to extinguish a fire and then back again to refill the buckets.
  3. The gear of firefighters weighs almost 60 pounds which is about 27 kilos.
  4. Years and years ago, horses and carts were used as an ambulance.
  5. The average doctor has 40,000 hours of training.
  6. Pilots are not allowed to share their food with the co-pilot who is in the cockpit with them. This is to ensure that if one of the pilots get sick from what they have eaten, the other one will still be able to fly the aeroplane.

Activities To Teach Your Kids About People Who Help Us

Whenever we need to teach something to our children, we look for fun and entertaining ways to grab their attention and teach them. If you are out of ideas to teach your little one about people who help us, here are some fun activities that will help you teach your kids about the same.

1. Name The People

Take some flashcards and paste the images of people who help on these flashcards. Now show your child one card at a time and ask them to name the person on the flashcard.

2. Who Helps Us To….?

This is a fun and simple question-answer game. You have to ask your child a question, like “who helps us when we are sick?” and your child has to give the correct answer.


Here is the twist to a simple ATLAS game. Start with saying one person who helps us, like a “pilot”. Now, your child has to say a person who helps us with the last letter of the word “pilot”, which is “t”. So, your child can say a “tailor”. Help your child if they are stuck.

4. The Dress-Up Game

To teach your child about different people who help us, dress them up as one person who helps us, and you can dress-up as another person. This will also make your child understand that we must respect all professions, no matter big or small.

5. Colour The People Who Help Us

On a sheet, take a print of the people who help us. Give this sheet to your child and ask them to colour it with the right colours. This way, they will be able to recognise what people who help us, like a doctor, a policeman, a firefighter, a nurse, etc., wear.

6. Read A Story

Introduce your child to story books about people who help us. It is a great way to enhance your child’s reading skills while teaching them about important people in our community.

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