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Solomon Grundy Nursery Rhyme For Kids

Learning the names of the days of the week can be challenging for our little ones. One needs to keep track of what day it is, as it is central to every sort of planning and scheduling. The Solomon Grundy song is one of the most popular English nursery rhymes used to teach little ones about the days of the week. The poem was first collected by James Orchard Halliwell and published in 1842. The rhyme narrates the story of a person’s life using the days of the week. Set it to a perfect rhythm, and your child will enjoy learning the days of the week!  


Solomon Grundy Lyrics In English

The lyrics of Solomon Grundy poem are below:

Solomon Grundy, 
Born on a Monday, 
Christened on Tuesday, 
Married on Wednesday, 
Took ill on Thursday, 
Grew worse on Friday,
Died on Saturday,
Buried on Sunday.
That was the end, 
Of Solomon Grundy.


What Will Your Child Learn From Solomon Grundy

The rhyme is popularly used to teach little ones the days of the week. Your child can learn the days of the week fun and creatively. You can also explain a human’s life cycle through the poem as the poem narrates the story of a person who is born, lives his life, and dies all in a week. You can also teach your child story narration and have them come up with a story of their own.  

Theme Of Solomon Grundy

The theme of Solomon Grundy is the life of a person named Solomon Grundy. The poem narrates Solomon’s life in a way that he is born on a Monday and is buried on a Sunday. The rhyme takes us through his life, telling us his name and that the day he was born was a Monday. It then narrates how Solomon was christened on a Tuesday, got married on a Wednesday, fell ill on a Thursday, got worse on Friday, died on Saturday and was buried on Sunday. The poem uses an imaginary life cycle where a person lives his entire life in a week, which is not possible.  
The poem also tells us how fragile and delicate life is. How one can experience life-changing events in one week and how it affects our life.   


Rhyming Scheme/Pattern of Solomon Grundy

The rhyming scheme of the song is ABBBBBBBCA. We can also see a pattern in the poem as it starts and ends with the same word and all the days of the week are rhyming because they end with ‘day’.   

Words that Your Child Will Learn from Solomon Grundy

Your child can learn new words such as the days of the week and words like marriage and christening. Your child may ask for explanations of the words like marriage, burial and christening. You must truthfully answer your little one’s curious mind and ensure they positively take the cycle of life.   


Suggested Activity

  1. While reciting the rhyme, you can have a chart with the days of the week in front of them. As you repeat the verse, please have your child point at each day and try to form an association between what they’re saying and seeing. This way, your child will be able to spell out and write down the days of the week in no time!   
  2. You can buy or make flashcards with a mammal’s life cycle on them and hold up each one and recite the poem to your little one. Have them participate by either making the flashcards with you or reciting them with you. Once you’ve repeated the poem, connect the life of a mammal with that of a human. Explain how a human’s life journey is. You can surely add extras like school, college and a job!   


1. Can I teach my child Solomon Grundy without illness, death, and burial?

You can teach your child Solomon Grundy without events like death and burial. You can replace them with events such as school, sports, college and jobs. However, illness and death are important and unavoidable events that occur in a human’s life. Teach your child to accept reality and to overcome whatever life throws their way. After all, life is full of ups and down!  

2. How soon can I start teaching my child the days of the week?

You can start as early as you wish to. If you think your child is old enough to understand the days of the week and can retain information, you can teach your child Solomon Grundy. Start off early as young children are very curious about their surroundings. Feed that curiosity and ensure that their mind is consistently stimulated with new things.  



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