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Teaching Primary Colours To Preschoolers

Children have a very short attention span. Therefore, it is important to teach kids in such a way that keeps them engaged while learning. When teaching kids about colours, it is important that we teach them about types of colours too. There are three types of colours – primary colours, secondary colours and tertiary colours. Kids must know all about these colours.

In this article, we have discussed the three primary colours. We have also covered a few activities to help your little one learn about primary colours.

Continue reading to learn about primary colours for kindergarten kids.

What Are Primary Colours?

Let’s take a look at the primary colour definition for children.

Primary colours are the basic colours that can be mixed together to produce new colours. In simple words, primary colours are the source of other colours. The 3 primary colours are red, yellow and blue. When we mix any two primary colours together, we get secondary colours.

Chart Of Primary Colours

Primary Colours

The colour wheel is a colour mixing guide that we can use to understand how colours work when mixed together. The colour wheel above will help children to remember primary and secondary colours. The secondary colours are the ones next to the primary colours. For example – next to red and blue is the colour purple, next to red and yellow is the colour orange, and next to yellow and blue is the colour green. This colour wheel is also known as the RYB colour wheel.

Activities To Teach Primary Colours To Your Child

Teaching primary colours to kindergarten kids is a fun way to introduce colours and the concept of mixing colour combinations. There are many ways to teach kids all about primary colours. In this section, we have covered some hands-on activities for children to learn about primary colours. Let’s read!

1. Mix The Colours

What You Will Need

  • Red, yellow, and blue paint
  • Water cups
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paper towels


  1. Introduce the primary colours to your child and explain a little about them.
  2. Give your child red, yellow, and blue watercolour paint and a brush.
  3. Show them how to use the brush to get paint and mix these primary colours to get secondary colours.
  4. Let your child play with colours and learn what happens when we mix a certain amount of two primary colours.

2. Paint In The Bag

Material you needed

  • Ziplock bag
  • Red, yellow and blue colour


  1. Take a zip lock bag and add any two primary colours to it and seal the bag.
  2. Ask your child to mix the two colours by pressing the zip lock bag using their hands.
  3. Explain to them the new colour that emerges after mixing the two primary colours.

3. Name The Objects

Material you needed

  • Everyday things


  1. Sit with your child in the living or drawing room.
  2. Ask your child to name the things in the room that are yellow, blue or red in colour.
  3. This activity will help your child to know about everyday things that are in primary colours.

We hope this article helped you teach your little one about primary colours. After learning about primary colours, you can introduce your child to secondary colours, and you will see them learn all about colours in no time!

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