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The Dog In The Manger Story With Moral For Kids

Storytelling is the oldest form of teaching that plays an essential role in the overall development of children. It not only helps children strengthen their listening and reading skills but also enhances their social and emotional skills. Some stories, like “The Dog In The Manger” story in English, are moral stories that are excellent to read to children at an early age.

Let’s take a look at “The Dog In The Manger” full story below.


Origin And History Of The Dog In The Manger

“The Dog In The Manger” is one of many tales attributed to the ancient writer Aesop. The fable has itself become a famous phrase whose meaning is synonymous with the fable’s moral. The story has been passed down through oral tradition, which has resulted in various versions of this story.


Story Type Of The Dog In The Manger

“The Dog In The Manger” is an excellent moral story for kids. You can encourage your little one to read this story as part of their reading time.


Story Characters

The characters of the “Dog In The Manger” story are:

  • The Selfish Dog
  • The united and wise Cattle
  • The strict manger owner

Dog In The Manger Story For Children

Let’s read “The Dog In The Manger” story with pictures.


One day a dog was looking for a place to sleep, so he was roaming the streets. He saw a manger built for cattle and ran into it as there was no one inside. The dog comfortably lay upon the straw in that place.


The Dog

The dog was awakened when the cattle returned, who came into the manger hungry and tired from working all day in the fields.

But the dog would not let the cattle get near the manger, as he wanted it all for himself. So, he snarled and bared his teeth at the cattle. It was as if the manger was filled with the best of meat and bones, which he wished to keep for himself. But the manger really contained only straw.


The Cattle

The cattle looked at the dog with undisguised contempt and said, “How selfish are you!”, “You cannot eat the straw yourself, but will not let us eat it, even when we are so hungry!”

At this point, the manger’s owner came and saw the dog. He grabbed his stick and drove the dog out of the manger, hitting him for his selfish behaviour towards the cattle.


Story Summary

Here is the summary of “The Dog In The Manger” story.

A dog asleep in a manger filled with straw was awakened by the cattle, who came in tired and hungry from working in the fields. But the dog would not let them get near the straw and snarled and snapped at them. The cattle looked at the dog in disgust and called him selfish for not letting them eat straw that he couldn’t even eat. Suddenly, the farmer came to the manger and saw the dog. He seized his stick and drove him out of the manger.


Moral Of The Story

The moral of “The Dog In The Manger” is that “Do not grudge others what you cannot enjoy yourself.”

In the story, the dog doesn’t allow the cattle to even come near the straw when he himself cannot even eat it. This act speaks of the dog’s ego, who wished to keep the manger to himself as if it was filled with juicy meat and bones.


How Can Children Apply The Moral Of The Story In Their Real Life?

The children can apply the moral of “The Dog In The Manger” story in their real life by sharing their things with others. Teaching children the importance of “sharing is caring” is very important as this moral value will help them understand that when we share something with someone, it means we care for that person. Therefore, we must share our things with our friends and near ones.

Parents must teach this essential social skill of sharing with others to their little ones at an early age. When kids learn this at an early stage, they understand that happiness and success in life are all about caring about others and sharing what we have.

We hope that “The Dog In The Manger” short story helped your child learn an important moral value. The story is short and easy for kids to read, and your little ones will love spending their time reading this story.

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