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The Farmer And The Snake Story With Moral For Kids

Whether you want to impart knowledge on honesty, helping others or something else, moral stories are an excellent way to do so. Reading has a paramount influence on all of us, especially kids. Hence, it is imperative that children read stories in their early years. A moral story like “The Farmer and the Snake” story in English for kids is not only a wonderful way to build literacy skills but also a subtle, effective way to lay a strong moral foundation.

Let’s introduce children to “The Farmer and the Snake” full story and help them learn another moral value.


Origin And History Of The Farmer And The Snake

“The Farmer and the Snake” is one of Aesop’s fables that holds the moral that kindness to evil will be met by betrayal. The moral of the story is also the source of the idiom “to nourish a viper in one’s bosom.” There are various alternative versions of the story, as it has been passed down from one generation to another, but every version still holds the same moral value to children.


Story Type Of The Farmer And The Snake

“The Farmer and the Snake” is a moral story for kids that they can read and learn important moral values from. The story is about a deadly snake and a generous farmer who wanted to help the snake, but fate had something different for him. To know what happened, read and find out.


Story Characters

The characters of “The Farmer and the Snake” story are:

  • A generous Farmer
  • A deadly Snake
  • Village people

The Farmer And The Snake Story For Children

Let’s read “The Farmer and the Snake” story with pictures.


Once upon a time, a humble and generous farmer lived in a village. He was a very hard-working man and earned decent money with honesty. He had a small field outside the village where he planted crops. He sold the harvest to feed his small family and lived happily.


The farmer was a helpful person and always reached out to help others in need. One cold morning, he was getting ready to work in his field. People were not outside their homes yet. He decided to go to his field when the sun was just about to rise.

As he was about to reach his field, he found a venomous snake lying near a bush. It was really cold that day, and the snake was breathing its last breath. The cold had got to him badly.


Farmer and Snake Story

The snake was lying stiff on the ground. The freezing temperature did not let him move, and he was dying.

The farmer felt sorry for the snake and started thinking of ways to save his life. He knew that the snake was venomous but still wanted to give him a chance to survive. He could not let the snake die like this.


He took the snake in his bosoms to warm him up. The snake felt the little heat and started to revive. Eventually, the snake was capable enough to move on his own. The farmer still kept on warming him with his body heat.

After some time, the snake regained all his strength and was ready to move. The snake suddenly realised that a man was holding him closer to his body. Within a moment, he jolted and bit the farmer without realising that he had saved his life.


The farmer was awestruck. The snake has injected his poison into the farmer’s body. The farmer felt pain travelling through his veins. He sat down and breathed his last, thinking about why he saved the snake, just so it could bit him. He urged the others standing around him to learn from his mistake – A snake will always bite you even if you save his life.

Story Summary

Let’s take a look at the summary of “The Farmer and the Snake” story.


One cold morning a farmer was walking through his field. On the ground lay a snake, stiff and frozen with extreme cold. The farmer knew how deadly the snake could be, but he still picked him up and held it against his bosom to warm him back to life.

The poor snake soon revived, and when it had enough strength, he bit the farmer who had been so kind to him. The bite was deadly, and the farmer realised that he would die. As the farmer drew his last breath, he said to the people standing around that they must learn from his fate not to take pity on a scoundrel.

Moral Of The Story

The moral of “The Farmer and the Snake” short story is that “we must think carefully before taking any action.” A toxic person will always cause harm even if we help them in their critical condition.

In the story, the snake represents those who always bite back at those, because of their nature including those who helped them. If the farmer had not taken pity on the venomous snake, he would not have bit. The farmer only wished to save the cold snake from dying but ended up losing his life. The farmer must have known that it’s the nature of harmful snake to bite, and no matter how good anyone will do for them, they will bite.

How Can Children Apply The Moral Of The Story In Their Real Life?

The children can apply the moral of “The Farmer and the Snake” story in their real life by understanding that people will be continue to ditch or betray others due to their habits. Parents must teach children to be careful and help only those who deserve it. It will be a big life lesson for children to follow. Kids will learn to be aware of such people in life and will not be betrayed.


A good set of moral values can be of great help to your children. Children who are introduced to such moral values with the help of stories are less likely to develop bad habits growing up. Keep looking at this space to make your child read more such moral stories.

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