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Alice In Wonderland Story For Kids

Remember the time when children used to listen to stories all day long! These stories often involved enchanting places and mysterious creatures that keep children engaged. But today, gadgets have entered children’s world, and the essence of true story reading or listening is lost somewhere. But, as a parent, we understand the importance and benefit of stories for kids. Therefore, we have covered the “Alice In Wonderland” story in English for kids below.


We have also covered the details like the origin of the story and the lesson of the story in this article. Let’s read “Alice In Wonderland” full story below.


Origin And History Of Alice In Wonderland

“Alice In Wonderland” is a story by Lewis Carol, who was a mathematics professor at Oxford University. This fantasy novel was originally written in 1865 and was originally titled Alice’s Adventures Under Ground.


Story Type of Alice In Wonderland

“Alice In Wonderland” is one of the children’s favourite tales. You can include this story in your little one’s reading time and help them improve their reading skills.

Story Characters

The characters of this story are:

  • Alice
  • Alice’s sister
  • White bunny
  • Blue Caterpillar
  • Cheshire cat
  • Man Hatter
  • March Hare
  • Dormouse
  • Queen
  • Queen’s guards
  • Jack of hearts
  • King

Alice In Wonderland Story For Children

Let’s read the “Alice In Wonderland” story with pictures below.

One sunny day, Alice and her sister went out for a walk in the garden, and while her sister was busy reading a book, Alice got very bored. Suddenly, Alice spotted a white bunny that was in a hurry.


Alice In Hole

She was curious so she went after the bunny. The bunny fell through a big hole in a tree trunk, and Alice followed him. Suddenly Alice found herself falling into a very deep well. Then, she finally landed and saw a long corridor ahead of her. The bunny disappeared, and she started to walk toward the many locked doors.

Alice In Room

She saw a little golden key placed on a table that fit perfectly into a door behind the curtain. She opened the door using the key and saw a beautiful forest, but the door was very tiny, and Alice couldn’t fit through the door.


Alice Near Tiny Door

Alice noticed a bottle, placed on the table, next to the key. She took the bottle, and drank the potion that was inside it. As she drank the potion, Alice began to shrink. She got tiny and managed to pass through the door, where she saw the white bunny again.

The bunny asked Alice to bring his gloves and hand fan from his home. Alice went to the white bunny’s house and found his gloves and hand fan. She also saw a potion bottle on the bunny’s table. She thought the potion would bring her back to normal size, so she drank it.


Suddenly she became so big that the animals around the house started throwing stones aimed at the house. The stones that the animals were throwing at her turned into small cakes. Alice ate those small cakes and started to shrink and left the house. But she was upset that she was small again.

Alice & Mushroom

On the way, Alice saw a blue caterpillar inside a mushroom and asked him what can she do to get back to her original size. The blue caterpillar said that one side of the mushroom could make her grow, and the other side could make her shrink. By eating both sides of the mushroom, she managed to return to her normal size.


Alice now started to walk down the path, where she suddenly saw a cat with a big wide smile and asked him what was his name and where this path led to. The cat informed her that he was a Cheshire cat and that this path led to the Man Hatter and March Hare. After this, the Cheshire cat disappeared slowly, starting from his tail, and at the end, only his face was present.

Next, Alice found the March Hare and Man Hatter having tea under a tree and a Dormouse sleeping in between them. When they saw Alice coming towards them, they denied saying that there was no space available there. But Alice replied that there was plenty of room.


The Man Hatter said to Alice that if she wanted to stay, she had to answer a riddle. “Why does the crow look like the desk,” he asked. Alice asked him, “Why do you think”. He replied, “I don’t know”. Alice got upset with the stupid joke and went away.

Alice continued to walk and, on the way, she saw a tree with a door. She again found a golden key which opened the door to a pretty garden.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Alice was astonished to see the guards of the Queen of the hearts painting all the white roses red. This was because their Queen didn’t like white roses, and all the guards looked like they were playing cards.

The next moment, the Queen came to the garden and invited Alice to play croquet. Alice was shocked to see that the hedgehogs were used as balls and flamingos as Croco mullets in the game. All of a sudden, a huge fight broke out among the players. The Queen got upset and cancelled the croquet party and headed towards the court.

The trial was about a jack of hearts who stole a pie from the Queen’s kitchen. The king yelled from his throne, “Call the first witness,” and the first witness was Man Hatter. When Man Hatter started to talk, Alice suddenly started to grow. Then the rabbit called upon Alice to take the witness stand.

King & Queen

The Queen of hearts asked Alice to narrate everything she knew. But Alice said that she didn’t know anything. The Queen yelled, “If you don’t know, your head must be chopped off”. Alice got very upset and started shouting. Suddenly the King, Queen, and all the other playing cards started to fly towards Alice, and it became a big whirlpool of cards.

Finally, the leaves started flying all around her, and Alice found herself in the garden again. Her sister called out to her to wake up as she was in a deep sleep. When Alice woke up and realised that everything she had seen was just a dream.

Story Summary

Here is the summary of the “Alice In Wonderland” story for kids.

One day Alice was sitting in a garden with her sister. She was getting very bored. Soon, she fell asleep and saw a white rabbit running fast. Alice ran behind the rabbit to catch him, but the rabbit was very quick. The rabbit quickly entered his hole, and Alice followed him. Suddenly she fell down into a big hall. She saw a door in front of her, but the door was very tiny. Alice saw a golden key and a bottle with some potion on the table and drank the potion. Alice became very small after drinking the potion. She then opened the door with a golden key. There she saw the bunny who asked her to bring his hat and gloves from his house. In his house, Alice found another potion in the bottle, and she drank it. Now, Alice became very big. The animals started throwing stones at her, which turned into small cakes. Alice ate those cakes and started to shrink and become very tiny and left the house.

Next, Alice met a caterpillar who told her that eating one side of the mushroom would make her small and the other side would make her tall. Alice got back to her original size after eating the entire mushroom. Next, she met a cat sitting on a tree who directed her to Man Hatter and March Hare’s house. There she tried to join a tea party with them but walked away after listening to their silly jokes.

Wandering around, Alice came to the Queen’s croquet ground. There she saw playing cards were painting the white roses to red. Alice was invited by the Queen to play a game of croquet. Soon, Alice also attended a trial where the jack of hearts was accused of stealing the Queen’s pie, and she was made a witness. The Queen orders to chop off Alice’s head as she doesn’t want to give a true testimony. All of a sudden, Alice’s sister called out to her to wake her up, and Alice realised it was all just a dream.

What Lesson Will Your Child Learn from this Story?

The story will help children understand “curiosity can lead to great things.”

In this short story, Alice is able to explore the wonderland and gain new knowledge through her curiosity. She was curious to explore the possibilities that life had to offer.

How Can Children Apply The Lesson Of The Story In Their Real Life?

Children can apply the lesson of this story to their real life by exploring the possibilities life offers to them. This will help them gain new knowledge and a greater understanding of themselves and the world that they inhabit. They can use this attitude of exploration in their lives as an opportunity for growth and learning.

“Alice In Wonderland” is a story that helps children to work on their imagination skills as they envision what Alice encounters in the wonderland. This story will encourage children to picture what they are reading when they read any other story too.

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