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The Two Frogs Story With Moral For Kids

If you are a parent, you will agree with us that children love reading and listening to stories, especially before dozing off. These children’s stories generally involve speaking animals, birds, and objects and have a moral or a lesson at the end, which helps children enhance their thinking level and compare and understand what is good and bad for them.

In this article, we have covered the “Two Frogs” story in English for children to learn one such valuable moral. Let’s read the “Two Frogs” full story below.

Origin And History Of Two Frogs

The “Two Frogs” is an inspirational story that teaches kids  a valuable lesson about overcoming obstacles and not being affected by negative comments of others. The story has been taught to children through tradition for years now. Therefore, the exact origin of the story cannot be determined.

Story Type Of Two Frogs

The “Two Frogs” is a moral story for kids to read. The story has been written in simple language for kids to comprehend easily.

Story Characters

The characters of the “Two Frogs” story are:

  • The Deaf frog
  • Other frogs

Two Frogs Story For Children

Here is the “Two Frogs” story for pictures.

In a forest far away, there was an army of frogs that lived in a pond, happy and free. In that group, one of the  frogs was deaf but was never grumbled or frustrated about it. The frog was happy, upbeat and very active.

The Frogs

One fine day, the army of frogs  took a tour around the woods. While they were hopping around, two frogs, including the deaf one, fell into a well. The other frogs realised that the pit was too deep and there was no hope of getting out of it alive. The two frogs in the pit were as good as dead.

The two frogs inside the pit peered around but were unable to find a way out. The one frog said to the other, “Let’s jump out.” But the other frogs screamed and asked them not to, “You’ll die if you try to get out,” the frogs screamed repeatedly.

The two frogs in the pit ignored the frogs above and attempted to jump out of the pit. The frogs above continued to scream and stop them, but all in vain.

Finally, one of the frogs listened to the frogs above and was terrified and decided to give up. Due to the stress and anxiety of the frog’s negative comments, he collapsed and fell to his death. The second frog continued jumping as high as possible. Seeing him jump, the frogs above yelled at the top of their voice to stop him, as he would meet the same fate as the other frog.

After jumping again and again, the deaf frog finally made it out of the pit.

The Deaf Frogs

“Why didn’t you hear us?” the frogs asked. The deaf frog replied that as she was deaf, she thought that they were encouraging her  to leap with all her strength. The other frogs were astonished hearing this, and the deaf frog hopped away smiling.

Story Summary

Let’s read the summary of the “Two Frogs” story below.

A large army of frogs were travelling through the forest, and two of them fell into a pit that was quite deep. When the other frogs saw how deep the pit was, they yelled at the two frogs to stop trying and assumed they were as good as dead. The two frogs ignored the negative comments and tried to jump out of the pit. The other frogs kept asking them to stop jumping. Finally, one of the frogs listened to what the other frogs were saying and gave up, and he fell down, losing his life.

But the other frog still continued to jump with all it’s strength. Once again, the frogs yelled at her to stop trying to get out. She jumped with all her strength and finally made it out. When she got out, the other frogs asked why she had not listened to them. The frog answered that she was deaf and thought they were encouraging her the entire time.

Moral Of The Story

The “Two Frogs” story teaches us that “We should be deaf to negative comments if our aim is to reach our goal.”

In this short story, the deaf frog couldn’t listen to other frogs discouraging him from trying to come out of the pit. Therefore, he thought they were encouraging him, and he didn’t lose hope. But the other frog who listened to the negative comments of frogs lost his life. Thus, the story teaches us to only focus on the positive and be deaf to the negative as it will help us to reach our goals easily.

How Can Children Apply The Moral Of The Story In Their Real Life?

“Two Frogs” is an excellent story for kids that teaches them to use someone’s negative comment as an impetus to reach their goals. Parents must teach kids that, at times, they will come across people who will oppose what they are doing, but sometimes the people won’t be able to see the incredible things that you are going to accomplish when you reach your goal. Therefore, what people are saying should not matter, but how you perceive what they say matters.

We hope this story helped your little one understand an important moral lesson. Encourage your child to share the same with their friends so that they can benefit from this as well.

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