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Words That Start With ‘Ou’ For Kids To Improve Their Vocabulary

There are some “ou” words in English that use “ou” in the front of them. Children should be aware of these “ou” words list and should also know what each word means. In this article, we have covered some “ou” words for kindergarten kids. You can introduce these words to your child once they have mastered some basic words. Teaching children these “ou” words will help them with overall language development.

Let’s look at some easy and simple “ou” words and then read about three, four and five-letter words that have “ou” in them.

List Of ‘Ou’ Words For Kids

‘Ou’ letter words are words beginning with ‘ou’. The list of commonly used “ou” words is provided below for you to teach your children. Check the lists of ‘ou’ words given below.

Ought Output Outline
Out Outlet Outcome
Our Outset Outside
Outstay Ourselves Outdoor
Outrageous Outsource Outward
Outwit Outskirts Outflow
Outfit Outspoken Outright
Outcry Outgrowth Outstation

Other Words That Start With ‘Ou’ For Kids

To make it easy for children to learn “ou” letter words, first, start with three letter words with “ou”, then 4 letter words with “ou”, and finally, teach them five letter words with “ou”. Below we have discussed some three, four and five-letter words with “ou” that you can teach your child.

3 Letter Words That Start With Ou


4 Letter Words That Start With Ou

Ours Outs

5 Letter Words That Start With Ou

Outer Ought
Odour Ounce
Outdo Outgo
Outbit Outed

Once your child has a grasp on these simple “ou” words, you can teach them some complex and length “ou” words as well.

Activities That Will Help Your Child To Learn ‘Ou’ Words

Here are some easy “ou” words activities to teach your child. Start with “ou” words that are short, simple and easy for children to remember and then move to the lengthy words. Your little one will find these activities and games fun and easy to play and will easily learn the common words that start with “ou”.

Let’s get started.

1. Read And Circle

Give your child a page of newspaper, magazine or a storybook to read. Ask your child to circle all the words that start with “ou”. Next, ask your child to note all these “ou” words in a notebook. This way, they will be able to recognise words that have “ou” in them.

2. Guess The Word

Take a printout of some “ou” letter words like our, out, etc. Show these printouts to your child and ask them to name the thing on the sheet.

3. Make A “Ou” Word

Prepare alphabet flashcards and give them to your child. Take out O and U from the pack of these cards and ask your child to pick out more cards from the pack to make an “ou” letter word. For example, they can make the word – our, ought and more.

4. Complete The Word

On a blank sheet, write some “ou” letter words and give the sheet to your child to add the letters to make a word. You can add the following words to the sheet.

  • O U _
  • O U _
  • O U _ H _


  • O U T
  • O U R
  • O U G H T

5. Find The Odd One Out

On a sheet, write some words that start with “ou” and some words that do not start with “ou”. Now, give this sheet to your child and ask them to circle the words that do not start with “ou”.

6. Circle The “Ou” Picture

Take a print on a sheet of different things that contain “ou” in them and some pictures without “ou”. For example, things with “ou” can be – our, out, etc. And things without “ou” can be a cat, phone, bed, pillow, etc. Now ask your child to circle the pictures that have “ou” in them. You can also ask your child to spell it out.

7. The Letter Game

A fun and simple game. All you need to do is say a letter, and your child has to say one “ou” word starting with it. For example, if you will say the letter A, your child can say Aloud, or if you say the letter C, they can say Cloud.

8. Magical “Ou” Words

Take a white sheet and ask your child to write some “ou” letter words on it using a white wax crayon. Next, your child has to paint the sheet using black paint. Your little one will love watching the words appear magically!

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