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Learning The English Alphabet – Its Importance And Fun Activities For Kids

By teaching children the English alphabet, parents lay down the foundation to learn how to read and write. It is important for children to know the ABCD letters before they can put together sounds or draw lines that make a letter. We understand that the concept of teaching the alphabet may sound abstract: how can one teach something that comes so naturally to you? Well, teaching letters can be really fun and simple. In this article, we’ll cover some really interesting and engaging activities to teach the alphabet to your toddler or preschooler.

Continue reading to know how to teach the alphabet to children.

What Is An Alphabet And Why Is It Important For Your Child To Learn It?

Wondering how to explain the alphabet to your child? What is the English alphabet, and what it means? Let’s help!

The Alphabet is a group of 26 letters representing sounds in the English language. It is important for kids to learn to recognise the letters as it is a basic skill they need when they learn to read. Letter recognition and pronunciation help children enhance their communication skills and also allow them to do better at school.

When Should You Start Teaching Letters To Your Child?

Most kids start recognising a few letters between the ages of 2 and 3 and can identify almost all the letters between the age of 4 and 5. This means that you can start teaching your little ones the alphabet when they’re around 2 – but don’t force your child to learn.

Alphabet Chart For Kids

Learning the English alphabet is the first step for kids towards academics. A child needs to learn the alphabet to progress to the next level of education. Here is an English alphabet list that you can use to teach your child.

English Alphabet Chart For Kids

What Is A Vowel?

Have you noticed that when you pronounce some letters, your mouth remains open? These letters are known as vowels. So, vowels are sounds made by allowing the airflow out of the mouth.

There are five vowels in English – a, e, i, o, u

Vowels can come at the start, middle or end of any word.

What Is A Consonant?

Some letters are sounds made by blocking the airflow from the mouth while pronouncing them. These are called consonants.

There are 21 consonants in English – B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, V, W, X, Y, Z

Vowels and Consonants For Kids

ABC Phonics For Kids

It is important for kids to learn the name of letters when learning how to speak English. However, the pronunciation of the letter names doesn’t always correspond to their sounds. That’s why learning phonics is essential.

Phonics is a method of teaching kids to read by linking sounds and the symbols that represent them. It helps them better understand how the sound of the words is constructed, which makes reading easier for them.

For example, f – ef, l – el –, w – dabeliu, etc.

Fun Ways To Help Your Child Learn The Alphabet

Make learning the alphabet for kids easy and fun with the help of the activities mentioned below.

1. Worksheets

Learning the alphabet is essential for kids, and this can be made easy for children with the help of worksheets. After all, practice makes everything easier!

Get alphabet printable worksheets for your little one with upper and lower-case letters. Show them how to connect the dots to make a letter, and let them practice writing. Start with the letter ‘A’ activities for kindergarten and then move to the next letter.

2. Play-dough Letter

Kids love playing with clay. So why not make their playtime learning time as well? Start with teaching your child how to pronounce and write one or two letters a day. Now, ask them to create the letter using clay. The best part is your child won’t find this learning process boring; work on their fine motor skills and also learn to write a letter. So, it’s a win-win situation!

3. Sensory Play

Sensory play encourages a child to learn through exploration, curiosity, problem solving and creativity. You will be surprised to know that you can use sensory play to teach the alphabet to your child.

First, write the big-sized alphabet on a plain sheet. Now, take some plastic letters and hide them in a bucket full of newspaper strips. Ask your child to find and pull the letters out of the bucket and place them above the correct letter written on the sheet. You can also ask your child to name one thing that starts with that letter.

4. Jump And Tell

Children love jumping around the house, which inspired us to make a jumping-based learning game for them. All you need to do is make boxes on the ground (like we do for hopscotch) using chalk. Write letters inside these boxes using tape. Now comes the fun part. Call out a letter and ask your child to jump in the box marked with that letter. Your kid will love this game!

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