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Old Woman In The Shoe Story For Kids

Learning to read is important for children. Research shows that for children to excel academically, they must have good literacy skills. Therefore, reading stories provide kids with an opportunity to enhance their reading as well as literacy skills.


We have covered “The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe” story in English below for children to read. The story will also help kids learn an important lesson . Let’s read “The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe” full story below.


Origin And History Of The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe

The story has been passed down through tradition. Therefore, the exact origin of the story cannot be traced.


Story Type Of The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe

“The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe” is an excellent story for kids that will help them enhance their reading skills and vocabulary.

Story Characters

The character of this story are:

  • The Old woman
  • The Old woman’s husband
  • 12 children of the old woman
  • The Fierce Giant
  • Page
  • Witch
  • Dragon

The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe Story For Children

Let’s read the story with pictures below.

Once upon a time, there was an old woman who lived in a shoe. This shoe stood near a deep forest and was so large that it served as a house for the old woman and all her children, of which she had so many that she did not know what to do with them.


But the old woman was very fond of her children, and they only thought of the best way to please her. Strong-arm, the eldest son, cut down trees for firewood. Peter made baskets of wickerwork. Mark was a chief gardener. Lizzie milked the cow, and Jenny taught the younger children to read.

Now this old woman and her children had not always lived in a shoe. She and her family had once dwelt in a nice house covered with ivy, and her husband was a wood-cutter. In fact, they lived in a huge castle beyond the forest. But one day, a fierce giant came and led their house to ruins with his club. After which, he carried off the poor wood-cutter to his castle beyond the forest. When the old woman came home, her house was in ruins, and her husband was nowhere to be seen.


Night came on, and as the husband did not return, the old woman and her children went to search for him. When they came to that part of the woods where the Giant had met their father, they saw a huge shoe. They spent a long time weeping and calling out for their father but met with no reply. Then the old women thought they had better take shelter in the huge shoe until they could build a new house. So, Peter and Strong-arm put a roof to it, cut a door, and turned it into a home.

there was an old woman who lived in a shoe

They all lived there for many years, but the old woman never forgot about her husband and his sad fate. Strong-arm saw how wretched his mother often was about it and proposed to his eleven brothers that they should go and set their father free from the Giant. He bought a dozen sharp swords. Peter made strong shields and helmets, cross-bows and iron-headed arrows. They were now ready; Strong-arm gave the order to march, and they started out for the Giant’s place. The next day they saw the sight of the Giant’s castle. Strong-arm, leaving his brothers in the woods close by, strode boldly up to the entrance and seized the knocker. The door was opened by a funny little boy with a large head who kept grinning and laughing.


Strong-arm then boldly walked across the courtyard and met a page, who took off his hat and asked him what he wanted. Strong-arm said he had come to liberate his father, who was kept a prisoner by the Giant. The page informed him that the part of the castle in which his father was kept was guarded by a dragon. Strong-arm soon found the monster, who was fast asleep, so he passed his sword right through his heart, and the next moment, the dragon dropped dead.

The Giant had been drinking much wine and was fast asleep in a remote part of the castle. The funny little boy who had opened the door, led Strong-arm to another part of the courtyard, where he saw his father. He at once sprung to his feet and embraced his son. Then Strong-arm called out to his brothers, and when they met their father, they broke his chain and set him free.


Meanwhile, while the old woman was sleeping, an old witch came up to her and said offered her help, as she hated the Giant and wished to kill him. The witch then took the old woman on her broom, and they sailed off through the air, straight to the Giant’s castle.

The witch had great power and at once afflicted the Giant with corns and tender feet. When he awoke from his sleep, he was in such pain that he could bear it no longer, so he thought he would go in search of his missing shoe, which, was like the other one that he had in his castle. When he came to the spot where the old woman and her children lived, he saw his old shoe. He thrust his foot into it, breaking through the roof that Strong-arm and Peter had made. By this time, the witch and the old woman, Strong-arm and his eleven brothers and the father have come back to the spot. Strong-arm and his brothers shot their arrows at the Giant till, at last, he fell wounded. Then the father and the old woman and all their children built a new house and lived happily ever-after


Story Summary

Below is the summary of “The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe” for children.

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe with her 12 children. A giant took her husband away as a captive and also destroyed their house.

The old woman took care of all her children. The eldest son made a house out of the Giant’s old shoe. The old woman told all the children not to go looking for their father, or they would end up losing their life. Strong-arm was the name of the eldest son who hatched a plan with other siblings to save their father. His brother made shields while he made sharp swords. All the 12 children marched to the Giant’s castle .

When they approached the Giant’s gate, a page greeted them. He informed them that their father was in the cell inside, and it was guarded by a dragon. The brothers entered the castle and found a dragon sleeping and killed the him. They then freed their father and hugged him.

Meanwhile, the old woman was in utter grief and slept while still thinking about her husband. A witch approached and decided to help the old woman and took her along on her broom. The witch casted a spell that covered the Giant’s feet with painful corns. The Giant screamed and ran to find his shoe in the forest, which was earlier converted into a home. He put his shoe on in anger but fell down. Strong-arm pounced on him and stabbed him with his sword. Peter shot as many arrows as possible to injure the Giant.

The Giant could not get up as he was injured. Strong-arm immediately killed the Giant and took revenge. The old woman reached the spot with the witch, and the family was reunited. The children then made a big and beautiful house together with their father. They all lived happily ever after.

What Lesson Your Child Will Learn From This Story?

This story will help kids understand that bravery and courage can make us overcome any kind of situation. No matter how big the problem is, it will not last long if we make the right plan and stick together to solve that problem.

In the story, the brothers fought to free their father together, from the Giant.

How Can Children Apply The Lesson Of The Story In Their Real Life?

The children can apply the lesson of this short story in their real life, showing courage in difficult situations, even if the problem is too big. Parents should teach children that making plans before taking action can help solve the problem easily.

We hope this story helped your little one learn a valuable lesson that will be with them for a lifetime. To read more such stories, keep checking this space.

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