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The Proud Rose Story With Moral For Kids

“Could you tell me one more story please?”


Do you also encounter this question often? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here we have covered an excellent “The Proud Rose” story in English below for children. This is a moral story, explained at the end of this article, that children must learn. Also, there are many benefits of listening or reading stories, as the stories can help children deal with both their own and other people’s feelings.


Let’s read “The Proud Rose” full story below.

Origin And History Of The Proud Rose

“The Proud Rose” story have been told through oral tradition to children for many years now. This is the reason why the exact origin of the story cannot be determined.


Story Type Of The Proud Rose

“The Proud Rose” is a moral story for kids that they can read. This a simple and easy to read story that will help kids strengthen their reading skills.


Story Characters

The characters of this story are:

  • Rose
  • Cactus
  • Pine tree
  • Sunflower
  • Other plants, flowers and trees

The Proud Rose Story For Children

Let’s read “The Proud Rose” story with pictures below.


Once upon a time, there lived a rose flower that was incredibly proud of it’s beautiful looks. The only disappointment the rose had was that it grew alongside an ugly cactus.

Rose & Cactus

Every day, the rose would be ready with an insult that it would pour upon the cactus for his looks, but the cactus would remain silent and not react. No matter how hard every other plant in the garden tried to make the flower understand and discourage it from insulting the cactus, the rose was adamant and swayed by her good looks.


One day, a pine tree,  growing next to the blossomed rose said that it wished it was a beautiful flower and hoped it could also be as appealing one day. Another tree said to the pine tree that there was no need to be sad as no one can have everything. Hearing the conversation, the rose replied to the trees and that it seemed like she was the most beautiful flower in the whole forest.

Listening this, the sunflower raised its yellow head and said, “Why do you say that? In the whole forest, there are many beautiful flowers, and you are just one of them.” To this, the rose replied that it saw everyone looking at her and admiring her. The next moment, the rose used her cunning wit by humiliating the cactus by calling it ugly and full of thorns. The other trees quickly replied that this was shameful talk by the rose as no one can decide what exactly is beautiful, and the rose flower itself had so many thorns.


As the days passed by, the rose looked at the cactus and continued insulting him. The cactus never replied or  even got upset and instead, advised the rose that God did not create any form of life without a purpose.

Spring passed by and the weather turned hot. Life in the forest became difficult without the rain. The rose began to wilt.


Wilted Rose

One day the rose saw a sparrow stick it’s beak into the cactus and fly away. The rose was amazed by this and asked the pine tree what the sparrow was doing? The pine tree replied that the bird was getting water from the cactus, which was hurting the cactus due to the holes created inside it, but it could not see the bird suffer, and therefore, it was helping them.

The rose felt ashamed to ask the cactus for water. But finally, when she did ask for help, the cactus kindly agreed. The sparrows filled their beaks with water and watered the roses’ roots.


Story Summary

Here is the summary of “The Proud Rose” story.

Once there was a rose that was very proud of her beautiful looks. The only disappointment she nursed was that she grew alongside an ugly cactus. Every other day the rose would insult the cactus’ looks, but the cactus kept quiet. All the other plants, flowers and trees around the rose tried to stop her from bulling the cactus. But the rose was too swayed by her beauty to listen to anyone. Spring passed and summer arrived. There was no rain for long time. The once proud rose slowly began to lose its colour and started to wilt. The rose saw a sparrow stick it’s beak in the cactus and drank water from it. The rose felt ashamed to ask for help from the cactus, but finally, it did ask. The kind cactus agreed and the sparrows watered the rose.

Moral Of The Story

The moral of this short story is “Not to judge anyone by their appearance.”

In the story the rose judged the cactus as ugly just because of his outer appearance, but in reality, it was the cactus who helped the rose to stay alive during the summers, when there was no rain.

How Can Children Apply The Moral Of The Story In Their Real Life?

The children can apply the moral of this excellent story in their real life but not judging someone based on their outer appearance. To know a person, one must talk to them and understand them before passing any judgement. Parents should also teach their little ones to appreciate the qualities of others instead of only bragging about themselves.

Hope you had a fun time introducing this story to your child. To make story time more interesting, you can ask your child to think of an alternative ending of the story. This way they will learn more about storytelling.

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